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Mieczysław Kędzierski

Chairman of Fabryka Firanek i Koronek HAFT S.A.

For years, textiles from Kalisz have been synonymous with proven and recommended products. Our mission is not only to enter new markets and meet the changing needs of our customers. Above all, we want to continue the beautiful and demanding tradition of curtain and embroidery production in Kalisz. Therefore, in our everyday work, we try to combine modern design standards with the achievements of over 140 years of local art.

Sebastian Kwiatek

Sales and Marketing Director

Our brand is not only a traditional producer of jacquard decorations, it is also a company that prepares its collections based on the latest designs, without forgetting the customer’s needs. In the pursuit of creating a homely style with the Haft brand, we show enthusiasm, diligence and persistence. We want to effectively implement our goals and the mission of the Haft brand.
I am very demanding on myself and the people I work with, as I feel responsible for the company’s image.

Arkadiusz Odziemek

Production Director

Every year, Haft’s production plant strengthens its position on the curtain market and the modern machine park makes it possible for us to be proud of pride being the only industrial-scale manufacturer of lace in Poland. A great asset of our production department are our employees. For many employees their work is a genuine passion, so the potential of the Haft brand is inexhaustible

Maciej Chachaj

Director of economics and finance

He graduated from the Faculty of Management at the Department of Finance and Accounting at the University of Warsaw. He has extensive experience gained in managerial positions in finance and economics in Polish and foreign companies.

For several years he has been supporting all the activities in our company.

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